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In consideration of acceptance of this registration by Oshawa Curling Club ("the club"), I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the club and each of its members, officers and employees FROM ANY AND ALL claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and cause of action, whether in law or equity in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to myself or property, arising or to arise by reason of my participation in the Club, that has not been contributed to or occasioned by any negligent act, by omission or commission, of any of the aforesaid.


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Curlers - Select "Curling Member", followed by your "Membership Fee Option".  Then select the leagues you wish to play in.

Non-curlers - select the  correct "Special Membership" option.

Both - select any "Additional Registration Options" necessary.

League Curling

Curling Member

Skips Choice.  League play is on Mondays at 06:30pm and 08:45pm.
There are 0 open spots available.  Waiting list only.

Notes for League Admin (Skips Choice): 
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Day Ladies.  League play is on Tuesdays at 01:00pm.

Notes for League Admin (Day Ladies - Tuesday): 

Open Draft. This league play is on Tuesdays at 06:30pm.

Due to extra demand, we expect this league to require two draws!!  More information to follow!!

If new to the league, enter your curling experience & position in the convenor's notes area.

Notes for League Admin (Open Draft): 

Interclub.  League play is on Wednesdays at 10:00am.

Games can be played at Annandale, OCC, Port Perry or Whitby.

The minimum age is 55 for this league.

Day Mens.  League play is on Thursdays and Fridays at 10:00am

Day Ladies.  League play is on Thursdays at 10:00am.

Notes for League Admin (Day Ladies - Thursday): 

Open.  League play is on Thursdays at 06:30pm and 08:45pm.
There are 0 open spots available.  Waiting list only.

Notes for League Admin (Open): 
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 
Alternate One: 
Alternate Two: 

Recreational - Early.  League play is on Fridays at 04:30pm.

Notes for League Admin (Recreational - Early): 

Recreational - Middle.  League play is on Fridays at 06:30pm.

Notes for League Admin (Recreational - Middle): 

Recreational - Late.  League play is on Fridays at 08:30pm.

Notes for League Admin (Recreational - Late): 

Junior-Bantam.  League play is on Sundays at 01:00pm.

Little Rocks.  League play is on Sundays at 02:30pm.  

Novice.  League play is on Sundays at 06:00pm.

Notes for League Admin (Novice): 

Special Membership Options

Lifetime Non-Curler - Free

Adult Parachute - No League Play - $120 

Youth Parachute - No League Play - $70.

Social Non-Curler - $100

Staff Non-Curler - Free

Additional Registration Options

Pot of Gold - $25.00
The OCC looks to various sources of revenue and donations to assist with operational costs.  As such we provide opportunity for our members to donate $1.00 a week up-front for 25 weeks with the opportunity to win prizes every Friday.  The names of all current members are entered into the pot with one name pulled each week.  If your name is pulled and you have donated; you win.  If not; you are out of luck.  All names are returned to the pot each week providing subsequent chances to win.  Thank you for your consideration and support of this fun initiative.


The OCC is a member owned and managed facility/organization whose strongest asset is its people.  To maintain a sense of unity and pride while upholding a strong presence in the community, we leverage in-house knowledge, expertise, and "people-power" via our compulsory OCC Volunteer Program.  Annually, each member is asked to assist the club with donation of 8 hours of volunteer time (or other opportunities as negotiated with the Board).  We do realize that our members are active people who also give time elsewhere; and as such, you also have the option to participate in the program financially in lieu of volunteer time. 

Previous Season - $50.00
If you were unable to complete your time during the previous season, please use this item to remit your payment.  Thank you!

Current Season - $50.00
If you don't expect to be able to complete your time during this season, you can use this item to remit your payment in advance.  Thank you!
This charge is NOT applicable to First or Second Year Curlers.

Current Season - $25.00
If you don't expect to be able to complete your time during this season, you can use this item to remit your payment in advance.  Thank you!
This charge is applicable to Second Year Curlers ONLY.

Registration Accuracy Confirmation: **

hereby confirm that the information I have entered on this form is correct and true.

Payment of membership dues and fees are due and payable on the later of;
- The first day of regular league play during the curling season for which the membership applies.
- The date of membership registration.

Payment can be made by credit card online following registration validation. 

The club will also accept payments made in instalments by submitting a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement to the office. Installment payments are available on the 1st & 15th of each month. Such a payment arrangement must begin within one (1) week of membership sign-up and must be completed on or before the end of the Curling Season.  Any PAD payment returned by a financial institution for any reason such as Non-Sufficient Funds may be subject to an administration fee at the current NSF penalty rate.

Late payment charges or interest will be added to any accounts containing a past due balance. 

Refunds for unused portions of a Club Membership will only be provided by submitting written notice of membership cancellation to the office and will be subject to approval by The Board of Directors.

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