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Coaches Corner - 3

Editor: Chris Daffern
Date: 2014-02-15

This is the third in an occasional series. This one is about positioning of players - - Rule 7 in The Rules of Curling For General Play.


At its root, this rule seeks to codify standards of behaviour, deportment and respect between opponents and to eliminate distractions or attempts at intimidation.


#1 - Only the skip and/or vice-skip of the non-delivering team are permitted to position themselves behind the back line, i.e. not in the house, when the opposition is delivering their rocks. Both players shall be motionless with their brooms or brushes positioned in a manner not to interfere with, or distract the attention of, the player in the hack preparing to deliver his/her rock.


It is against the rules of the game and the code of ethics and standards of fair play for opposition players to move around behind the delivering team’s skip when that skip’s player is about to deliver his rock.


#2 - The lead and second of the non-delivering team shall take a position in single file between the hoglines and to the extreme sides of the sheet (i.e. along the side lines) when the opposing team is delivering their stones.


A coach recently observed two players from the team that had just delivered a stone casually walking side by side back up the ice toward the delivering end, taking up almost a full half of the ice surface while the opposition player was getting ready to deliver his rock. We’ve also observed players walking back up the centre line of the ice. Please, when your shot has been completed, yield the playing surface to the opposition. Walk up one of the sidelines in single file. It will speed up the game.


#3 - Only the next player to throw is permitted to be anywhere near the delivering end house. Officially, you may position yourself to the side of the sheet behind the hacks. However, in the Oshawa Curling Club, there isn’t enough room behind the hacks on the ice without being in the opposing player’s line of sight or peripheral vision. So, we suggest you take a stationary, silent and motionless position by or on the backboard so as not to distract or interfere with the player of the delivering team.


And please, no chatter when your opponent is in the hack getting ready to deliver his/her rock.


At all times during play, the skip (or vice-skip) of the delivering team has priority over the non-delivering skip (or vice-skip) in positioning at the playing end of the ice. The non-delivering team members shall not obstruct or interfere with any member of the delivering team - including crowding the skip.


It’s all about fair play. To quote from the CCA’s Rules:


“Fair Play begins with the strict observance of the written rule; however, in most cases, Fair Play involves something more than even unfailing observance of the written rule. The observance of the spirit of the rules, whether written or unwritten, is important. Fair Play results from measuring up to one’s own moral standards while engaged in competition.


Fair Play is consistent demonstration of respect for teammates and opponents, whether they are winning or losing.”


Play with integrity when on the ice. At the same time enjoy the competition and camaraderie of your fellow club members and other competitors. Above all, have fun. Good sliding and good curling!

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