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2017 - 2018 O.C.C. OPEN DRAFT LEAGUE

TUESDAY NIGHTS @ 7pm & 9pm


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2016 - 17 Schedule Winners:

1st ... (S) Brent Mavin, (V) Robin Hauswirth, (2) Craig Woods & (L) Jamie Newbegin

2nd ... (S) Stephen Geer, (V) Deborah Perry, (2) John King, & (L) John MacLean

3rd ... (S) Stephen Geer, (V) Fraser Gray, (2) Kevin Werry, & (L) TBA

4th ... (S) Roger Reeson, (V) Jessie Bertrand, (2) Kerrie Stephens, & (L) Paul McDevitt


The above 4 teams have advanced to the Day of Champions Event which will be held on Saturday April TBD, 2018. ... In the event that a player has qualified more than once, the player is required to play with the 1st team on which they have qualified with. ... In the event that 2 games are played on the Day of Champions, said player must remain on the team they first qualified with even if that team is eliminated after the 1st round of playoffs. ... If only one game on Day of Champions, said player may rejoin whichever team is still playing or in the case that both are, they must once again remain with their 1st qualified team. ... Spares can be picked from anyone who is not on the list above.



2015 - (S) Roger Reeson (V) Rob MacLeod    (2) Ambrose Donovan (L) Jason Rand (ALT-S) Fred Taylor

2016 - (S) Jim Sandberg (V) Robin Hauswirth (2) Joey Pilkey            (L) Fred Oliver   (ALT-S) Ruth Leone

2017 - (S) Stephen Geer  (V) Fraser Gray        (2) Kevin Werry           (L)                       (ALT-?)

2018 - (S)                          (V)                           (2)                                 (L)                       (ALT-?)

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