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Little Rocks meet every Sunday at Oshawa Curling Club from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Typically, we gather upstairs for announcements and instruction before heading to the ice.

Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of start time!!

Contact email:  littlerocks@oshawacurlingclub.com 



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Oshawa Curling Club Little Rocks program offers curling instruction for children who range in age from 7 to 12  (as of Dec 31).  Our Little Rock curlers use "Lite" rocks that are made of teflon and weigh only 22 pounds.  The curling season runs for more than 20 weeks from October through to April and is probably the most inexpensive sport there is for a child!  A season of curling will cost less than $200 per child!
The focus is on Fun, Friendship, Etiquette, and Safety while learning curling skills that will last a lifetime. Children are encouraged to stay after curling for a cup of hot chocolate with their teammates!
Parents play a very important role in their child's curling experience and we stress that it is important for a parent or guardian to remain at the club during the curling lessons to provide support and encouragement and to learn about the game of curling.  We encourage parents to help out on the ice or with our program's administration , regardless of their knowledge or experience with the sport. 
To learn more so parents can help their child when they have questions, the Canadian Curling Association has some great information about curling:
 Here are the dates we expect to be curling for the 2016 - 2017 season!
 Please note that our club will be hosting a Little Rock Bonspiel (tournament for curlers) on Saturday January 7th, 2017 this season.  It takes some organization from a committee of parents to run this, but it is a lot of fun for curlers and paretns.  We encourage all our Little Rock curlers to participate.  It is an extra cost (TBD) but there are prizes for everyone. Please inquire if you are a parent who is interested in helping. 


 What we will be working on:

 October 16

 This is our first day on the ice!!

It's an Introduction to Curling for NEW curlers and a Refresher for former Little Rockers

 October 23

  • The Equipment
  • Safety & Etiquette
  • Basics of the Delivery
  • Sweeping introduction

Any youth that is interested in trying out curling (free session) should come out today with clean running shoes. If possible, please email in advance (see address above).

 October 30

  • Proper Grip
  • Turns
  • Sweeping basics
  • Delivery "Timing"
  • Play a game

 November 6

  • Delivery Slide
  • Grip and Turn Review
  • Draws & Hits & Taps
  • Focus on Sweeping
  • Player Roles
  • Play a game

 November 13

  • Delivery Review
  • Grip & Turns Review
  • Sweeping Review
  • Practice Shots: Hit, Draw, Tap
  • Play a game

 November 20

  • Scoring
  • Etiquette review
  • Game procedures review
  • Play a Game
  • What is a bonspiel?
Sign up for OCA Hit, Draw, Tap competition

November 27

  • Where do I stand?
  • Markings on the Ice
  • When is a rock in play?
  • Skip's signals
  • Practice Hits, Draws, Taps
Sign up for OCA Hit, Draw, Tap 
Sign up for Dec. 11 Bring a Friend Day
Final Sign up for January 7 Bonspiel

 December 4


  • Review of Delivery
  • Review of Sweeping
  • Review of Rules, Curling House, Positions
  • Hitting the Broom
  • Focus on Sweeping

   Hit, Draw, Tap Competition for those signed up

Final signup for Dec. 11 party

 December 11

Christmas Fun Day and Pizza Party

Bring a Friend to Curl

 Dec. 18, Dec. 25, Jan. 1

         NO CURLING!!! 

Happy Holidays, everyone.

 January 7, 2017

 We host a Little Rocks Bonspiel at our club.

 January 8

  • Game procedures review
  • Delivery review
  • Sweeping review

Any youth that is interested in trying out curling (free session) should come out today with clean running shoes. Please email in advance, if possible.

 January 15

  • Delivery (Slide) Review
  • Sweeping Review
  • Play a Game

 January 22

  • Strategy
  • Play a Game

 January 29

  • Skip Signals review
  • Types of shots
  • Play a game

 February 5


 February 12



February 19



 February 26


 March 5


 March 12

 Stay tuned. We may have our program disrupted by the OCA Mixed Qualifier at our club.

This is also in March Break, but we will be curling if we can!

 March 19


 March 26


 April 2


 April 9

 Little Rock Meltdown Curling

& Skating Party

 Last day of the Curling Season!!



What to Wear/What to Bring to Little Rocks:  
  • Children should BRING a clean pair of running shoes they can dedicate to curling for the season.  We need to keep our ice CLEAN and SALT-FREE.
  • For safety on the ice, we require that curlers purchase a pair of grippers (also called anti-sliders) to fit their child's dedicated running shoes.  Cost is approximately $35.00.  Curlers are not allowed on the ice without 2 grippers!!
  • Curlers should dress in layered clothing that allows them to be active and to be able to stretch. 
  • It is also important for curlers to stay warm while on the ice for at least an hour. Gloves and toques should be worn, if desired.
Returning curlers aer reminded to check their current set of grippers to ensure they fit and are not worn out. Remember that it is important to keep our ice clean.
Jennifer Langford - Little Rock Coordinator
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