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Interested in a  free curling TRIAL for children & parents?

Please contact occlittlerocks@gmail.com to make an arrangement in September 2019.  

Or telephone Jennifer Langford at 905-434-6882  

Oshawa Curling Club Little Rocks program offers curling instruction for children who range in age from 7 to 12  (as of Dec 31).  Our Little Rock curlers use "Lite" rocks that are made of teflon and weigh only 22 pounds.  The curling season runs for more than 20 weeks from October through to April and is probably the most inexpensive sport there is for a child!  A season of curling and equipment will typically cost less than $200 per child!

The focus is on Fun, Friendship, Etiquette, and Safety while learning curling skills that will last a lifetime.  Watch this video to understand the ethics that curling supports.  These are the words of our sport.


Parents play a very important role in their child's curling experience and we stress that it is important for a parent or guardian to remain at the club during the curling lessons to provide support and encouragement and to learn about the game of curling.  We encourage parents to help out on the ice or with our program's administration, regardless of their knowledge or experience with the sport. 
To learn more so parents can help their child when they have questions, the Canadian Curling Association has some great information about curling:




What do I need to get started in curling?

  • Curling clubs always provide the playing surface and the stones (also called rocks). 

  • The Oshawa Curling Club has a large number of spare brooms available for our Little Rock curlers and their parents to borrow.

  • It is not necessary to purchase curling shoes. New curlers should bring a pair of INDOOR clean, dry, soft rubber-soled running shoes.

    • Please do not WEAR the shoes that you will wearing on the ice to the club as we need to keep our ice clean and free of dirt and road-salt. We will use a special type of tape to cover the bottom of one shoe in order to simulate the hard, sliding surface of a curling shoe.
  • For safety, curlers are not allowed on the ice without 2 grippers!!  We require that curlers purchase a pair of grippers (also called anti-sliders) to fit the shoes that will be dedicated to use at curling. The cost is approximately $35/pair.  Grippers may be purchased through Last Rock Curling Co.   www.lastrock.ca
    • For the TRIAL SESSION ONLY, these grippers may be borrowed from the club.
    • Returning curlers are reminded to check their current set of grippers to ensure they fit and are not worn out. Remember that it is important to keep our ice clean.

  • Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Jeans or tight-fitting pants are not recommended, but track pants are a great idea. Dressing the upper body in layers is a good idea as the playing area is cold, but after some activity on the ice, curlers may feel pretty warm. If you are particularly sensitive to the cold, a hat is a good idea.  Gloves or mitts are also very practical.

Still have questions? Please call me. 

Jennifer Langford - Little Rock Coordinator


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