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In order to maintain the integrity and history of Skip's Choice being the OCC's premiere competitive league, we will be moving to the 5-rock rule this year. Also in the same interest, we will be encouraging teams in A and B flight to each use competition broom heads starting the first game of the second schedule of the season (first week of December). This gives you 7 weeks to purchase one which can be done through Rob Steele at info@lastrock.com. Thank you for your cooperation.


Teams may consist of 4 players plus one alternate. The alternate may play any position. All players must be paid up members.

Alternates must be registered before October 31st

Team Seeding:

At the start of each new season, the team ladder location will be determined using the following guidelines:

1)    The previous year's final standings prior to the playoffs.

2)    The teams position is retained by notifying the club prior to September 28th:

a)    The skip (or designated team owner) is returning along with one returning team member OR

b)    There are 3 returning team members (The skip or team owner has priority in the case of a 5 person team).

3)    A new team will start in the lowest division, however the convener may use his discretion to start an experienced team in a higher division, if a vacancy is available (No higher than B division)

4)    New Teams are added based on:

a)    Number of returning Skips Choice players from the prior year, then

b)    Number of returning OCC players from the prior year, then

c)    The date that the application to enter a new team has been submitted to either the office or the Monday Night Convener. Applications are not carried over from one year to the next.

5)    Teams selected sequentially from the prior year’s standings will move up to fill vacant positions.



A player may only spare 4 times before and 4 times after December 31st. Spares must be club members. A team that uses an ineligible spare be considered to have forfeited the game 8-0. Spares may skip (Call the game) but must throw front end.  Maximum 2 spares per game.



If a team does not have enough players to play the game then the team is considered to have forfeited.  If a score has not been submitted then BOTH teams are considered to have defaulted. The scores are to be submitted electronically through the OCC website or emailed to the league convenor (at david.langford@oshawacurlingclub.com).  Scores must be submitted no later than 10pm on the last Friday before the start of the next schedule.  If a team requests the game be rescheduled but a date can not be agreed upon then the game is considered to be a 8-0 result against the team that needed to reshedule. Reasonable effort must be made to reschedule.


The final score should reflect completed ends, plus in the event that a team conceeds before the 8th end the winning team shall be awarded 1 point for each unfinished end.  In the event of a tie, the flight winner will be decided by the # of Wins, then by head to head, then by points For/Against %, then by fewest # of defaults. The top 2 team move up and the bottom 2 move down after each schedule.

Scores are to be submitted online or emailed to david.langford@oshawacurlingclub.com. Paper copies will not be accepted. 



Points are awarded as follows:

                        Win           Tie          Loss         Default

A Division          4.00          2.00          0.00          0.00

B Division          3.33          1.66          0.00          0.00

C Division          2.66          1.33          0.00          0.00

D Division          2.00          1.00          0.00          0.00



There will be an A and a B playoff. Teams in A and B flight during the 3rd schedule plus the top 2 teams from C plus the next top 2 teams based on overall points will form a 20 team A-event. The remaining teams will form the B-event.

The team with the higher seeding will have choice of hammer or colour.

Spares: There will be a maximum of 1 spares per game. Spares must throw lead but are permitted to hold the broom. Ties will be broken by a full extra end played toward the glass. Competition heads are required in the A playoff and are encouraged in the B playoff.




Prize Money is $60 per team and will be collected during the first few weeks of the season.

No hair brooms for sweeping. EQ heads/hardline heads are permitted and should be used in the spirit of the game. Teams in A and B are required to use competition heads.

The last end of the early draw games must begin prior to 8:25. 

The top Men's and Women's team based on total points at the end of the season will represent the OCC at the Traveller's playdowns the following season. 

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