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2017/2018 Durham Region Major League


Welcome to the 2017/2018 Durham Major League.  

Schedules, results and rules will all be displayed in the various tabs on this site throughout the season. 


Nathan - president@oshawacurlingclub.com



2017/2018 Durham Region Major League Rules

  1. League format will be double round-robin plus playoffs.
  2. Each team will make the playoffs, with overall record being determining factor for seeding.
  3. A small cash amount will be awarded for each round-robin victory, with bulk of cash awarded for playoff wins.
  4. Canadian Curling Association & Ontario Curling Association rules of play are in effect (including brushing).
  5. Games will be 8 ends of play; with full extra ends to break ties.
  6. Tiebreakers are to be played toward the glass.
  7. Order of pre-game practice is determined by order of teams listed on the schedule. Teams listed first will have first practice and choice of colour.
  8. Practice will consist of 1 rock per player thrown up and back, followed by one throw to the button by anyone on the team (sweeping permitted).
  9. Hammer choice will be awarded to the team closest to the button following their practice. Measurements should be acknowledged by the opposition before the rock is removed from the play area.  Measurements are to be recorded each week, with the tiebreaker average being used to break any ties.
  10. Teams during round robin may consist of any players playing any position as long as the team is in good standing with the league.
  11. Teams in playoffs must consist of 3 players who have played at least 33% of all round robin games. Any additional spare will throw lead.
  12. In respect of club staff, games are to be played on the night and in the venue of scheduled play.
  13. Teams who are unable to play will forfeit their game for the evening. If a team is unable to play, the team shall make every effort to inform the convenor and the opposing skip as far in advance as possible.
  14. Scorecards must be filled out and should include the names of all players on each team, and are to be submitted to the convenor post-game.
  15. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the League.


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